Pastika Targets 15 Million Tourists by 2015

The Bali authorities are aiming to attract a total of 5 million foreign tourists and 10 million domestic visitors a year by 2015.

Speaking this week, Governor I Made Mangku Pastika said that the provincial government intended to keep pursuing ever higher numbers of visitors.

“With the stable and conducive political, security and social situation, as well as the momentum from the 2013 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting, I’m sure that in 2015 we will be able to welcome 5 million foreign visitors,” he said, adding that the authorities expected to see a further 10 million domestic tourists in the same year.

In 2011 a total of 2.75 million foreigners entered Indonesia through Bali, and the island saw approximately 5.7 million domestic tourists.

Pastika said that infrastructure improvements for the forthcoming APEC summit and the Miss World beauty pageant, both due in Bali next year, would mean the island was ready to welcome such large numbers of tourists. He added that the increased international profile provided by these and other events would help boost arrivals.

“This target is not imaginary,” he said.


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