Bali Arrivals drop 3.18% in September 2012

Bali by the Numbers: Arrivals Growth Slows for Q3 2012


September 2012 arrival figures for foreign visitors to Bali indicate that the island can now expect to end 2012 with around 2.85 million total visitors.
The month of September 2012 brought 243,722 visitors, declining 3.18% from September 2011 when 251,737 foreign visitors came to Bali. Year-on-year ending Q3 2012, there were 2,161,281 foreign visitors, an increase of 3.62% as compared to year end Q3 2011.










Arrivals by Major Markets

after years of month-by-month increases in arrivals, Australia visitors to Bali
declined in September 2012, down 1.46% with 73,951 Australian visitors. On a
cumulative basis, Australia visitors are up 3.85% through the end of Q3

Peoples Republic of China – Mainland Chinese
arrivals also declined slightly in September by 0.5% with 21,076 arrivals.

For the first nine months of 2012, PRC arrivals stand at 235,089 – an
increase of 31.17% from one year before.

Japan –While
Japanese arrivals fell month-on-month by 3.3%, there still appears to be a slow
recovery underway with the Japanese market as the rapid free-fall of declining
Japanese visitors has come to a halt. Within this context, cumulative Japanese
arrivals of 140,606 at the end of September that are down only 1.45% represents
hopeful news and suggests Japanese arrivals may close “even” by the end of the

Malaysia – Malaysian arrivals continue to perform
steadily, up 1.17 (13,546) for the month of September and up 6.48% year-to-date
at the end of Q3.

South Korean – South Korean travel to
Bali was down 6.5% in September (8,678). Similarly, South Korean visitors for
the first nine months of 2012 are down 2.31%.

– Despite all the grim economic news fro Europe, the U.K.
market is putting in a stellar performance in terms of arrivals to Bali.
September U.K. arrivals were up 9.9% month-on-month at 11,293

U.K. Visitors at the end of Q3 2012 were up 6.3% from the
United Kingdom.

France – France bounced back in
September with 9,935 visitors – an increase of 7.19% over September 2011.

On a aggregate basis, French visitors year-on-year are down 4.98%
through the end of September 2012.

Taiwan – Taiwan
arrivals to Bali are ailing. Month-on-month arrivals from Taiwan for September
declined 29.3% at 8,332 visitors.

Year-on-year through the end of
September Taiwanese arrivals are down 9.58%.

Visitors from the U.S. took an unexpected downturn in September 2012 declining
9.58% to 6,533.

Year-to-date through the end of September U.S. arrivals
to Bali up 5.43% totaling 67.716.

Germany – Also
contradicting the dismal economic news from Europe as a whole, German arrivals
to Bali in September totaled 11,247 – an increase of 9.8% when compared to the
same month in 2011. On a cumulative basis through the end of Q3, German arrivals
are up 1.16%.

Russia – Russian arrivals declined 3.64%
in September at 3,648 visitors.

For the year through end of September,
Russian visitors to Bali are up 3.18%.

The Netherlands –
The Dutch market to Bali is now in a more or less state of constant decline.
September arrivals from Holland declined 12.9% at 6,010 visitors. Year to date
through the end of September Dutch visitors are down 13.67% at 46,770

Asia Pacific Arrivals Continue to

Geographically, the ASEAN market is up strongly,
increasing 10.07% while the Asia-Pacific has increased 4.26% through the end of
Q3.Bali, Indonesia.


Source @Bali Discovery Tours



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